Singaravelar - Freedom Fighter


The world is born a new each time a great person is born. They leave behind their thoughts & ideals, which are adopted by others to open new avenues & enlighten people all over the world. That is why we say that when great people are born, the world is reborn. Our motherland has given butter to many such great people who have been as guides to others of those who were born in India & achieved lasting worldwide fame, thus bringing great fame to our land, the most notable are Mahatma Gandhi, Periyar of Erode & M.Singaravelu. The principles of Non- violence promoted by Gandhiji, and idea of rationalism expounded by Periyar & the communist ideals propagated by the first Indian labour Leader & Communist singaravelu continue to be as famous as the leaders.

Singaravelu, also known as the father of the Indian communist movement, the father of the Indian labour union movement, the father of the scientific rationalism & equality, was born in a wealthy family, the third son of Venkatachalam Chetty & Valliammai on 18th February 1860.

The Book - Godfather of Indian Labour : M. Singaravelar


The Book "God Father of Indian Labour" written by Mr.Vasanthakumaran on Singaraelar's birth and life, the labour movement, his communist principles and his last days. After 2 years of intense research, he has brought to light in this book, the life of the remarkable men (Singaravelar) which has remained hidden from the public till now.

Our Editor with Dr.Abdul Kalam


Shri.P.Vasanthakumaran conveying wishes by giving the book "The World and Terrorism" to Shri.APJ.ABDUL KALAM, the Former Indian President in Rastrapathi Bhavan, New Delhi.


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