Singaravelar Memorial Trust


  • To advance objects of general public utility and alleviation of sufferings of coastal village people and for their socio-economic and cultural standards, internationally.

  • To Construct & establish, centers, halls, auditoriums, libraries, lecture halls and schools & educational institutions or to contribute to any existing centers of educational institutions, libraries, hospitals and medical institutions and such other charitable objects which the trustees may deem fit, but subject to the condition that they shall be charitable within the meaning and expression as defined in the income-tax Act 1961 or in any amendments thereto.

  • To aid, contribute and donate to organizations carrying out works of residential amenities to the common public.

  • To found or to aid magazines of social conscience without involving any motivation for profit and falling within such objects and purposes considered as charitable purpose within the meaning of the income tax Act for the time being in force, and the income of the Trust shall be applied only to charitable purposes in India or shall be accumulate for such purposes in India.

Writer P. Vasanthakumaran's Poem on Japan's Natural Disaster dedicating to the people in Japan. Also requesting everyone to support them.

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